since 07/2011: Head of Research, Scientific Director, Health University of Applied Sciences Tyrol, Austria.
05/2018-11/2019: Maternity leave.
04/2017: 11th FH Research Forum of the Austrian Universities of Applied Sciences at IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems / Austria. Motto "Research - Innovation - Value. Panel-Chair: "Research-guided teaching as a success factor for innovations in the non-medical health professions".
03/2016: FHK_10. Research Forum of the Austrian Universities of Applied Sciences at University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna. Motto "building bridges". Panel Chair: "Translational Health Research - Building Bridges from Basic Science to Applied Research".
2011-2017: Full Member of the Research Committee for Scientific and Ethical Questions, Austria
2012-2017: Deputy of Head of the Board Health University of Applied Sciences Tyrol, Austria. (fhg)
2009-2011: University Assistant at the Department of Hygiene, at Innsbruck Medical University (MUI), Austria
2009: Research stay at the Institut Pasteur Paris, Unitè de Aspergillus at Professor Jean Paul Latgé, France
2006-2009: Post-Doc at Dep.of Hygiene, Microbiology and Social Medicine, Quality manager for Hospital Hygiene, 
MUI, Innsbruck, Austria
2003-2006: Dissertation at Department of Hygiene, Microbiology and Social Medicine. MUI, Innsbruck, Austria
2002-2003: Teacher at the academy of laboratory technicians. 
Ausbildungszentrum West für Gesundheitsberufe, Innsbruck (AZW), Austria

2011: Habilitation for Experimental Hygiene and Medical Microbiology, Innsbruck Medical University
Graduation Dr. med. scient., passed with distinction
2003-2006: Studies of Medical Sciences: Infectious Diseases. Dep. of Hygiene, Microbiology and Social Medicine. 
MUI, Innsbruck, Austria
2002: Graduation Master of Science, passed with distinction, Leopold-Franzens University Innsbruck, Austria
1996-2002: Studies of microbiology at the University of Vienna and Leopold-Franzens University Innsbruck, Austria
1996: Graduation Biomedical Analyser, passed with distinction
1993-1996: Academy of medical laboratory services, General Hospital Vienna, Austria
1985-1993: High school diploma, Sillgasse, Innsbruck

Price Research Forum 2016: Best Panel Chair lead: Translational Health Research-"Building bridges between basic science to applied research". Research Forum Vienna, Austria
Schaumayer Price 2011 for the Habilitation, Austria
Junior Researcher Award 2009 for scientific work: "Human platelets attenuate the virulence of Aspergillus spp. via granules dependent mechanisms" of the German Society of Mycology
1. Price for Best scientific lecture 3rd Austrian Congress for Infectious Diseases: 2009, Austria
Young Scientist Award for best Poster and best Presentation: 3rd Advances against Aspergillosis Congress: 2008, USA

Coin construction 2017-2022: Diagnostics and therapy of viral and fungal infections inImmunodeficient persons. Project management: IMC Fachhochschule Krems, Prof. Klein.
Resselzentrum 2016-2021: Music Therapy Research on music therapy processes and relationships in selected fields of neurological rehabilitation; with: IMC Krems, Prof. Tucek
Innovationsscheck, 2012: Ideenstudie „Zentrum für nachhaltiges psychosoziales Gesundheitsmanagement".
2011: Aspergillus Infections at the ICU.
Gilead 2011: Influence of liposomal amphotericin B alone and in combination with human platelets against Zygomycetes in vitro. 
Pfizer 2010: Potential synergistic antifungal effects of anidulafungin plus human platelets against Aspergillus fumigatus. 
MUI 2009: Young Scientist travel grant from the MUI for Paris. 
Pfizer 2009: Influence of anidulafungin alone and in combination with voriconazole on cell wall assembly of Aspergillus fumigatus. 
MFI 2008-2010: Human platelets in attack against Aspergillus fumigatus: influence on fungal gene wall expression and mitochondrial activity.


Editorial Board IJHP (International Journal of Health Professions)
Organizer and scientific advisory board member of the Research Forum of the Austrian Universities of Applied Sciences
European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST)
European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Disease (ESCMID)
Austrian Society for gender-based medicine (OeGGSM)
Austrian Society for Medical Mycology (ÖGMM)
Association for the Advancement of Science in health professions (VFWG)

2010-2011: Regular member of the MUI Senate
2010-2011: Spokesperson for the scientific staff at the Department of Hygiene and Microbiology, MUI
2011: Co-organizer of the 2nd Science Day Congress at MUI
2010: Co-organizer of the 1st Science Day Congress at MUI

2010-2013: Appointed substitute member of the Curricular Commission at MUI
Since 2008: Reviewer of International Journals

since 2017: Lecturer at IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems/Austria
since 2014: Lecturer for Bachelor and Master students (fhg)
since 2007: Supervision of Bachelor and Master theses work of students (fhg)
2010-2011: Curricular Lecturer for microbiology at MUI
2007: Speaker at Physikats courses
2003-2011: Education and supervision of medical and biology degree students, graduating students and doctoral students, MUI
2002-2011: Lecturer for numerous courses for biomedical analyser and degreed professionals trained nurses. AZW
, Innsbruck

2018-06 Lecture: WoMen in Science at the lecture series in the summer semester Gender Medicine / Diversity in Medicine. Medical University Innsbruck. Austria.
2017-11 Speaker at the congress: Mozart & Science 2017 - Music in Medicine and Therapy, 5th International Congress on Multidisciplinarity, Neuroscience and Dementia in Music Therapy; IMC at the FH Krems, Austria. 
2017-08 European Forum Alpbach 2017: Conflict and Cooperation. University Talks: Panel: Are we facing a generation conflict? Alpbach / Austria. 
2017-04 11th Research Forum of the Austrian Universities of Applied Sciences under the motto: Research-Innovation-Value. Panel Chair: Research-led teaching as a success factor for innovations in the non-medical health professions. IMC FH Krems / Austria. 
2017-04 Teaching / Mycology. (fhg)
2017-03 Teaching / Mycology in the course Hospital Hygiene for Nursing. IMC FH Krems / Austria. 
2017-03 biomed austria spring conference. Talk: Antifungal properties of human platelets against clinically relevant fungi. (fhg)
2016-09 Italian language course. Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Rome. Italy. 
2015-09 Certified yin yoga teacher. Innsbruck. Austria. 
2015-09 Research and Development Discussions on the Health Studies Programs of the Austrian Universities of Applied Sciences. FH campus Vienna / Austria.
2015-08 European Forum Alpbach 2015: Inequality inequality. Higher talks. Alpbach, Austria. 
2015-04 9. Research Forum of the Austrian Universities of Applied Sciences: Trailblazer - career paths through a technical college. Hagenberg, Austria. 
2015-03 FHK Symposium: Focus internationalization. FH Campus Wien. Austria. 
2014-09 Information session for employees of fhg about: ethics committees in Austria / RCSEQ - submission and reporting requirements - relevant questions. (fhg) 
2014-08 European Forum Alpbach 2014: At the Crossroads. Higher talks. Alpbach, Austria. 
2014-04 Kufstein-Forschungsforum Chair "Gesundheit und Management III", Austria. 
2013-11 Information event COIN, Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG; Vienna, Austria. 
2013-11 Media Training organized by the Federal Ministry for Science and Research; Vienna, Austria. 
2013-10 FGÖ-Seminar: Healthy project processes hassle free; Innsbruck, Austria. 
2013-10 Mind and Life Europe Symposium for Contemplative Studies, Berlin, Deutschland. 
2013-05 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Europe Conference–Remaking Manufacturing, Wien, Austria. 
2013-04 Speaker at the Congress: Emerging Zygomycetes, a new problem in the clinical lab / Workshop of the ECMM/ISHAM Working Group on Zygomycetes; Utrecht, Netherlands. 
2013-04 7. Research forum of the Austrian Universities of Applied Sciences; Dornbirn, Austria. 
2013-03 Scientific Lecture: Invasive fungal infections - from bench to bedside. News from the fungal research; (fhg)
2013-03 Seminar Evaluation: Pastime in the research, controlling the sword of Damocles, or the value of your health promotion project? Fund for a Healthy Austria; Innsbruck, Austria. 
2013-02 Network Meeting: Health Promoting Universities in Austria, University of Vienna, Austria. 
2013-02 Seminar: KinderLeicht - how obese children lose weight and gain the joy of life. (fhg) 
2013-02 Fund for a Healthy Austria (FGÖ) Seminar Motivation - the driving force of fresh air in projects; Innsbruck, Austria. 
2012-11 Speaker at the event research network Health Sciences and Midwives in Lower Austria - MTDH.NÖ; University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten, Austria. 
2012-11 Scientific Lecture: shoulder dystocia and Gaskin Manöver, Spontaneous birth and breech presentation. (fhg) 
2012-11 Workshop resistance testing of fungi: new standards, new data, EUCAST and Co; Vienna, Austria. 
2012-11 Scientific Lecture: The power of coherence - What are the sources of mental strength and resilience. (fhg)
2012-11 Speaker at the congress: Mozart & Science 2012 Music in medicine and therapy, 4th International Congress of the music effects research; IMC at the University of Applied Sciences Krems, Austria. 
2012-10 Scientific Lecture: The nature and manifestations of bullying in midwifery. (fhg) 
2012-10 FWF/FHK Information Event: FWF grants for research at Universities of applied sciences; Wels, Austria. 
2012-09 Scientific Lecture: GOBI - Gender, Occupational Balance & Immunology. (fhg) 
2012-08 Alpbacher Fachhochschulforum 2012, lifestyles and social networks; Alpbach, Austria. 
2012-07 Scientific Lecture: Behavior of Aspergillus in the different blood compartments: impact on the diagnosis of invasive Aspergillosis; (fhg)
2012-04 COST- MEETING; Luzern, Switzerland. 
2012-03 Research country Tyrol, Research and scientific inquiry; Innsbruck, Austria. 
2012-03 FHK event: College - Legal framework of rules of procedure and statutes. (fhg)
2012-02 Research trip plus lecture at the Institut Pasteur. Antifungal properties of human platelets against aspergillus species in vitro. Institute Pasteur. Lille / France. 
2012-01 Research and Development Committee meeting of the FHK. Salzburg / Austria.
FWF (Austrian Science Fund) Coaching Workshop: how to present the idea in applications correctly and successful: 1 Day 
MAW1- Fundamentals: Medical Didactics course; Gender medicine 
Communication, rhetoric & managing conflicts of interests
Power-Competence Seminar for women. Courage for the power
Advanced training and consolidation in conflict management
Follow up Carreer training, Leadership & Coaching 
Success factor: the voice – economical, sonorously, at present!
Carreer training, leadership & coaching Part I, II and III
Carreer training for Junior scientists
Carreer training, Coaching & leadership for scientists with leadership experience
Understandings of leadership for scientists
Communication and reasoning, voice training
Scientific Writing

Languages: German, 
Scientific English, English, Italien (excellent knowledge), Spanish/Swedish (basic knowledge)
Computerskills: MS Office, MS Excel, Prism 05, MS Power Point, Adobe Photoshop, MS Outlook, AxioVision
Personal interests: 
Travel, yoga, cooking, photography, sailing, swimming, surfing, art and culture.